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Five Branches University - Five Branches University derives its name from the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine which maintain and restore an individual's harmony with nature: Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuina Massage, Energetics, and Chinese Dietary Medicine. Master's degree and Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Herbology, QiGong and Massage (MAc,

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition– World's largest nutrition school. Want to increase energy, have vibrant health, excitement and a passion for living? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition can help you deepen your knowledge of nutrition and inspire you to live your best life – and be certified to practice as a Health Counselor.

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RainStar University, Main Campus
8370 E Via de Ventura, Suite K100
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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-------------------------------------------------------RainStar University, Therapy Center and Clinic
4130 N Goldwater Blvd., Suite 119
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
480-423-0375 xt 2

"Art, Nature and Science"

. . . the pursuit of the union of these three fundamental truths has fueled the desire and written the paths of those meant to follow.

USA Director: Maria T. Bohle DHM, DCN To truly understand the infinite wonders found along the path of becoming a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Professional you must first see the endeavor as a life change - not simply a rewarding career. At RainStar University we have joined a community of skilled educators and eager students to explore the integration of art and science so that each graduate may walk the path we now lead.

Our goal at RainStar is to instill in each student the knowledge and confidence necessary to be the best in our field and to walk forward with a renewed sense of purpose and the ability to change lives, most importantly their own.


Why Choose RainStar University, College of Oriental Medicine?

  • Master Degree Education in acupuncture, Oriental medicine and a variety of modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dietary therapy, Tui Na massage, western bio-medical studies, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
  • Practice-based program with extensive clinical training at RainStar University Clinic, a 15 room treatment center that performs over 20,000 treatments annually.
  • Transfer credits may apply.
  • 40-month trimester schedule in the Master Degree program.
  • Small classes and specialized instruction.
  • Ageless and effective treatment principles communicated by teaching the science, art and philosophy of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Why Choose RainStar University, College of Therapeutic Massage?

  • Associate Degree or Certificate Programs in Therapeutic Massage available.
  • Western and Eastern therapeutic massage modalities with an emphasis on diverse coursework and clinical applications such as: human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, psychology, movement therapies, pathology, marketing, small business practices and therapy center skills.
  • Endless career opportunities: private offices or massage therapy clinics, chiropractors’ or doctors’ offices, holistic health clinics, health clubs and fitness centers, spas, cruise ships, nursing homes and hospitals, with sports teams, and sports medicine facilities.
  • Flexible schedule: custom designed to meet each student’s individual needs.
  • Practice-based program with extensive clinical training at RainStar University Clinic, a 15 room treatment center that performs over 20,000 treatments annually.
  • Great earning potential in one of the fastest growing health care fields.

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